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Waste Water Treatment

JEMS has vast experience in many aspects of waste water treatment. Including, but not limited to: Domestic sewage, landfill leachate, mixed-food production and creamery effluent. This combination has introduced us to a particularly wide range of treatment options allowing us to confidently approach and combat any form of waste water.

Experienced Professionals

JEMS originated as a mechanical, electrical and operational company and has since evolved to offer a fuller service as a primary contractor. However that background has provided us with an intimate knowledge of the equipment used to manage and treat waste water, we also strive to keep up with emerging technologies which demands the ability to learn and incorporate upgrades on a regular basis.

The list of equipment is endless, so without getting into it if you feel you have a specific situation and aren’t sure if we can supply the service you need then please feel free to contact us using the details on our ‘contact us’ page.


At any given stage of your project we can provide significant insight into the waste water treatment industry, be it efficient systems of work (installation/operation), emerging technologies (sludge management/biochemical treatment) or even assistance in the negotiation of further contractors/services.  We have consistently provided significant returns to our new and existing clients undoubtedly thanks to our accumulated knowledge and our ‘boots on the ground’ experience.

Why Choose Jems Environmental


The environment is always our top priority. You can put your confidence and trust in JEMS, and know that protecting our environment will always come first. #waterpassion.


With our intimate knowledge of treatment systems and proven track record through our existing clientele, JEMS are reputed for being both reliable and resilient. We won’t let you down!


Over time JEMS have developed a highly trained and specific skill-set which is highly effective in streamlining the process and operation of an effluent plant.

We Provide

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